This is what travelers to Saudi Arabia should do on international flights

The Public Prosecution in Saudi Arabia said that travelers coming to Saudi Arabia on international flights, and those responsible for transportation and its operators through entry ports, must disclose their visits to any of the countries affected by the outbreak of the Corona virus or any of its mutated strains, and adhere to international and local health instructions and requirements to prevent the arrival of the virus. Diseases that have a severe impact on health.

 Noting that the deliberate failure to disclose this leads to severe criminal accountability.

And she continued: "The competent authority must take all necessary preventive and remedial measures detailed in the executive regulations of this system, when any emergency situation of international concern occurs."

And she added: "Without prejudice to any more severe penalty stipulated in other regulations, a fine of up to 500,000 riyals shall be imposed, and the violator, or the operator or owner of the means of transport, shall bear any damage resulting from his violation."

She emphasized that if the violation was accompanied by the commission of a criminal act, the case would be referred to the Public Prosecution Office with the accused in preparation for filing the case before the competent court. 

Source Saudi news - Sabq

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