Kiswa calligrapher, figures those granted Saudi citizenship


Kiswa calligrapher, figures those granted Saudi citizenship

The list of those who have been granted Saudi citizenship following a royal order issued on Thursday included prominent figures in the religious, historical, cultural, medical, investment and technical fields, according to Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper.

The names include Mukhtar Alim, chief calligrapher of the cover (kiswa) of the Holy Kaaba, eminent historians Dr. Amin Seido and Dr. Abdul Karim Al-Sammak, renowned researcher Dr. Muhammad Al-Baqai and noted theatre artist Samaan Al-Ani. The list also included a number of distinguished figures in the religious, medical, educational, investment, digital, and sports fields.

Mukhtar Alim

Mukhtar Alim at present is working as the chief calligrapher of the kiswa of the Holy Kaaba at kiswa factory in Makkah. He showcased his major calligraphic works at international exhibitions and forums, and gave lessons and courses in training on calligraphy skills. His work on calligraphy is being taught at the Institute of the Holy Mosque in Makkah.

He also worked as calligrapher for holders of diploma certificates, master’s and PhD degrees at Umm Al-Qura University. He has won several awards and certificates of appreciation from various agencies.

Dr. Amin Seido

Seido has to his credit several remarkable academic and historical research works. He has authored over 30 publications focusing on the local cultural movement, thought and literature in the Kingdom.

Seido mastered in bibliographical studies, and presented works in this field. He worked at the King Fahd National Library, and was editor-in-chief of its magazine. He presented a bibliometric study and a bibliographical inventory on the topic of “Saudis and library and information science.”

Dr. Abdul Karim Al-Sammak

Well-known historian Dr. Abdul Karim Al-Sammak is holder of a doctorate degree in modern and contemporary history. He has spent nearly half a century in dedicated services in publishing translations of a number of statesmen during the Kingdom’s founding period, especially about the Arabs who worked with King Abdul Aziz.

He was instrumental in publishing several of books an eminent journalist and historian Amin Saeed that focused on the Saudi state; and the archives of his magazine titled “The Far East” is considered as a source material in the history of the Kingdom of Hejaz and Najd and their annexation.

Dr. Muhammad Al-Beqai

He is an eminent researcher, historian and translator. He authored about 40 books in various arts, most notably historical and critical studies and translation, and worked as a professor of linguistics studies and critical literature in a number of academic institutions, including King Saud University of Riyadh.

He is currently working at the King Salman Center for the Historical and Civilization Studies of the Arabian Peninsula. In 2018, he was awarded the King Abdullah International Prize for Translation.

Samaan Al-Ani

Al-Ani is one of the pioneers of theater arts in Saudi Arabia. He is one of the first to join the Saudi theater as a director since 1970s, after graduating from the theater department in Baghdad.

The play “The Train of Fortune,” directed by him, is regarded as the first Saudi theatrical work. He presented many theatrical works and participated in many international theater festivals, and many Saudi actors have learnt the art of acting from him.

Source / Report - SaudiGazette

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