Minister of Labour to hold global meet on occupational safety and health


Minister of Labour to hold global meet on occupational safety and health

Under the auspices of the Minister of Human Resources and Social Development Eng. Ahmed Bin Sulaiman Al-Rajhi, the Ministry is gearing up to hold the International Occupational Safety and Health Conference over the period from Nov. 155 to 17 November 2021 at Helton Hotel, Riyadh.

The International Occupational Safety and Health Conference is an important step to contribute in spreading preventive culture among individuals and enterprises, raising awareness about the importance of occupational safety and health in work environments, and providing an opportunity for employers, workers, competent authorities, and those interested in benefiting from international and local experiences participating in the conference.

It is a platform to exchange experiences and build networks of communication between entities and individuals, and to format creative initiatives that advance the world of business and contribute towards economic progress and well-being.

The conference will address recent international trends to enhance the concept of occupational safety and health within the work environment, the use of modern applications and technologies in developing levels of occupational safety and health within work environments, the impact of occupational and psychological health on the safety and health of workers, the role of the private sector and its experiences in developing occupational safety and health systems, and risk management from a workplace safety perspective.

The conference will also provide a unique experience for participants through occupational safety and health simulators and screens that show educational films to enhance the conference's messages in occupational safety and health. It will also include live interactive presentations, specialized panel discussions, and an interactive platform to visit the exhibition virtually, move between it halls and attend workshops featuring experts speakers from around the world.

This conference comes in strategic partnership with the General Organization for Social Insurance and as a part of its vital role is in improving work environments, monitoring the safety of workers and work sites, securing their injuries and medical care, raising the quality level of the labor market, and achieving safe work environments.

Aramco is also the main sponsor of the conference, as it is considered one of the most prominent Saudi companies that prioritize occupational safety and health procedures, and an inspiring model in building highly accurate and professional legislations and policies, whereas this is reflected in increasing productivity and achieving record numbers in avoiding work injuries and risks. 

Source  SPA 

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