Cancel Kafala System Saudi Arabia

সৌদি আরবে নকল কাফালা সিস্টেম বাতিল হওয়ার সম্পর্কে সমস্ত তথ্য ও বিবরণ

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What are the occupations that will not include this decision?  saa7oo

personal driver
Home guard
House maid
Individual factor

What is Job Mobility (Freedom of Work) ? saa7oo

It is a service that organizes career movement for expatriates without the employer's consent
  In accordance with the notarized contracts between the two parties,
  But a year after his entry into Saudi Arabia

Terms of using this service? saa7oo

 The existence of an electronic account on the (Qiwa) platform from the employer and the expatriate worker

An electronic job offer on the Qiwa platform

Special controls for the facility benefiting from this decision? saa7oo

Validity of work licenses
The facility must be within the range of the green screen and above
Commitment to the Wages Protection Program for the last three months
Documentation of employees' contracts at the 
facility by 100%

Controls for the expatriate worker who benefits from this decision? saa7oo

The worker must be a worker who is subject to the work system
The worker must have completed 12 months of his entry into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
The worker must be on the job
The worker does not have a request to transfer a service with another employer
Commitment to the notice period in the event of the validity of the documented work contract

You will not benefit from this decision in the following cases? saa7oo

If the identity of the expatriate worker has expired
Failure to pay the worker’s wages for three consecutive months
Failure to issue a work permit for a worker three months after entering the Kingdom
Absence of a notarized work contract for the worker
The approval of the current establishment for the transfer of the worker

The service is carried out after four phases. ? saa7oo

The new employer offers a job to the worker on the Qiwa platform

The worker approves the request through the Qiwa platform

The current employer is notified of the worker’s transfer request

Calculation of the notice period begins

Exit and return service

A migrant worker from this service can submit an exit and return request through his account from the Absher platform during the validity of the documented contract

Conditions for benefiting from an exit and return service saa7oo

The worker must have a valid notarized work contract

That the identity of the expatriate worker and the expatriate passport be valid for a period of three months or more

He must be inside the kingdom

He must not have traffic violations

The expatriate worker bears all the fees for this exit and return service

The worker can cancel the visa, exit and return, and the employer is not allowed to interfere in that

An expatriate is allowed to issue a return exit visa for companions

The worker is obligated to acknowledge his obligations and return to the Kingdom to complete the documented contract, and when he does not return, he is prevented from entering Saudi Arabia permanently

Final exit service

A migrant worker from this service can submit a final exit request through his account from the Absher platform during the validity of the documented contrac

Conditions for benefiting from the final exit service saa7oo

The identity of the expatriate worker must be valid and the passport of the expatriate is valid for 60 days

He must be inside the kingdom

He should not have traffic violations

The expatriate worker shall bear all service fees

That he does not have vehicle ownership

The worker must have a notarized contract

The worker is obligated to fulfill his obligations and pay the unpaid fees, and if he does not pay and does not get rid of them, he is strictly prohibited from entering Saudi Arabia.

Common questions for everyone and here you will get the answers

Was the report of the escape of the expatriate canceled after the 
implementation of the decision? saa7oo

The report has not been canceled, and there is no automatic change 
about the cancellation
And it is dealt with according to the procedures currently in force

Does the worker bear government fees when approving to work in the new facility?saa7oo

No, the worker will not bear any government fees, but the facility bears all fees

Does the worker obtain a residence permit or is it sufficient for the contract? saa7oo

The worker must obtain residency, work permit and notarized contract

Can a worker transfer to a new facility during his first year in Saudi Arabia? saa7oo

Yes, he can transfer to a new employer, but after the approval of the current employer

Can a worker who has a report of interruption from work transfer to a new employer? saa7oo


Will the establishment be compensated when the worker is transferred to a new employer? saa7oo

Yes, he is granted an immediate visa, according to the conditions

If you have any questions about the new system for expatriate workers in Saudi Arabia, please join us in the comments and we are at your service

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