Food delivery representative jobs available,From 4000 to 6000 Saudi riyals

Announces the Al Haram 

almotamayza (HRM)

Food delivery representative jobs available

Brief mechanism of action:

1- (11) riyals for each request
  Monthly income from 4000 riyals to 6000 riyals
In addition to additional commissions delivered with dues

2- Work (8-12 hours depending on work requirements)

- the conditions
    good looks for the employee
    Driving License
All cars are provided that they are free of shocks
    All professions

〰️ ️ 〰️ ️ 〰️️️ ️〰
*Note that registration is free and instant*

*Requests are widely available*


*contact numbers:*
*mr. Majid*
*Available from 5 pm - 10 pm*
*To join the registration group:*

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