latest news, Saudi expats “final exit visas” linked to dues clearance by Jawazat

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 The  Directorate  General of Passports has recently announced that the Expats working in Saudi Arabia will be issued “final exit” visas only after receiving all their entitlements.

The  Directorate  General of Passports  stated that the saudi expats  must have cleared all the bills like Mobile/Landline bills,electricity and any other pending bill or a penalty.

The “final-exit-” will be issued unless the saudiexpatriate clears all financial dues owing to any one with legal binding like bank loans,credit cards, business credits etc.

Jawazat made a point that the saudiexpatriate/s should not have any vehicle registered in his/ her name.

Saudi expats “final exit visas” linked to dues clearance by Jawazat

There should not be any unused previous visa issued on applicant’s name.

The  Directorate  General of Passports said that the validity of “ final exit” visas is  of 60 days valid from the issuing date.

The saudiexpatriate who is given the “final-exit visa must leave Saudi Arabia with in the validity period of 60 days.It is not related to the validity of their identity documents. The “final-exit”visa extension is not possible.If the person is outside the Saudi Arabia then exit visa cannot be issued to that expatriate.

A point that is to be noted is there is no fee for obtaining the “final-exit visa”.

The expatriate must have a valid passport to get the “final exit  visa”.The expat passport should be having 60 days validity to get the “final exit”

The sponsor /Kafeel do not have any right to file the “huroob” report with the authorities post issuing of the “exit-only” visa.

If the kafeel wants  to file a case of “huroob”then its mandatory to cancel the “exit only” visa for the workers who were absconding.

As per the new regulations  Jawazat is providing a new service offering the employer a 10 days grace period to inquire about the worker’s request for the “final –exit” visa issuance. If  the employer do not replies

Then the expatriate can be issued a “final exit” visa with a validity period of 15 days from the date of issue.

The MOI (Ministry Of Interior) explained  that if the expatriate leaves the country for good during his contract validity period then he/she will not be able to come back as he will be banned from returning to  Saudi Arabia.

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These amendments are step towards “ improving the contractual employee and employer relations.

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