Hosts Brazil meet Argentina for the leadership of South American football


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Hosts Brazil will meet Argentina, the leaders of South American football, in the final of the Copa America, at the famous “Maracana” stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

The match will be held today, at three o’clock in the morning, according to Saudi time.

The final is a classic par excellence between the two giants of South American football, and the Argentina coach says,

Lionel Scaloni: "We will play the match against our eternal enemy. The match will be between the two strongest teams on the continent, and we hope it will be a strong match."

For his part, Brazil defender Marquinhos said: "Brazil vs Argentina is more than just a normal game.

 These shirts keep football fans around the world looking forward to this match.

This represents the history of the confrontations between Brazil and Argentina."

The two teams have a constellation of stars in their ranks,

They are led by Argentine Lionel Messi and Brazilian Neymar,

 Even the reserve players are no less important than the main stars,

 The best proof of this is that Brazil overtook Peru in the semi-finals with the likes of Fabinho,

Roberto Firmino, Gabriel Barbosa and Vinicius Jr. on the bench,

 In addition to the absence of Gabriel Jesus, who is suspended for being sent off in a previous match, he will also miss the final.

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