Penalties for intermediate applications in case of hiring a non-Saudi worker


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The Minister of Human Resources and Social Development, Ahmed Al-Rajhi, has issued a decision to add new paragraphs to the table of violations and the corresponding sanctions contained in paragraph (1) of Chapter (First) of Ministerial Resolution 

To facilitate the access of services to the consumer.

Below is the calendar of the new sanctions:

Enable participatory electronic platforms to work directly from the non-Saudi worker through the participatory electronic platform. 20,000 riyals / more workers

Electronic participatory platforms are not bound by the mechanism approved by the Ministry to verify that the worker is not working on behalf of other people.

10,000 riyals / more workers

Non-compliance of participatory electronic platforms and operational structures with the participation of the ministry to the requested data, according to the mechanism determined by the ministry, or participation of the ministry in incomplete data.

50,000 riyals / more workers

Participation of electronic participation platforms and structures operated by the Ministry. Incorrect data for workers in violation of the mechanism provided by the Ministry.

5,000 riyals / more workers

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